Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is WheatherInDe?

WEATHER INDE (PTY) LTD is an authorised financial services provider with Licence No 45071. We have a Category I licence which authorises us to render advice and intermediary services in the following financial products: Securities – Derivative instruments. We are regulated by the Financial Services Board in terms of the FAIS Act of 2002.

What is a weather derivative?

A “long only” over the counter derivative available to anyone who wishes to hedge themselves financially against adverse weather conditions.

What does a weather derivative cost?

A premium is calculated on our online platform and is determined by the specifications of the derivative.

Are there any margin requirements?

No, you simply pay the premium for the derivative. There are no other costs involved.

How is the payout determined?

Our weather derivatives are priced off NASA’s satellite data as well as Speedwell Weather Services’ weather stations.

Who underwrites the contract?

Our derivatives are underwritten by the major global re-insurers, including SwissRe. All re-insurers have an A+ credit rating.

Who is the counterparty to the contract?

Our Swiss affiliate and developer of the weather derivatives, CelsiusPro, is the party to whom you are contracting and dealing with. Visit them at

What are the derivative types available?

We offer put and call-type options for rainfall, temperature and NDVI. View our Services page for a complete breakdown.

Can I buy a weather derivative for tomorrow?

No, our weather contracts must be purchased at least 20 days prior to the start of the risk period and paid for within 5 days of the purchase.

Can a weather derivative be sold?

No, it can only be bought. Our derivatives are not exchange traded, but instead are over-the-counter “long-only” contracts.